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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Originally Posted by KirbyM View Post
The company was comprised of only two people. One of them left the company. There are now issues in court arbitration.

The guy that left was a total jerk to deal with. He's the reason the company is in a bad position. Unfortunately, "the jerk" was the guy who knew how to program and operate the CNC machine.

The court stuff is actually all done with. It's been done for a while.
Yes, it was a two person operation.

Curious to what problems you had dealing with Nick?

PM me if you want about it.

Like I said, I had worked with Nick a couple years before CDX was established, with no problems whatsoever.
He always asked for feedback, and wanted to know what I thought would make the sticks a better product for people. I gave him LOTS of feedback and told him what I though. He wanted it all, especially the things that I thought weren't good.
He really cared, and loved making the sticks.

After CDX started, I had never dealt with Danny--for no other reason than it wasn't necessary. Nothing ever came up for me to need to discuss anything with him, and I was brought on board as an endorser, because I was there before it "became" CDX.

My previous statements about Nick shouldn't infer that Danny "didn't care", or "care as much". You'd have to care, or you wouldn't start a business up in the first place right?

Since was an online business, people placing orders wouldn't really need to deal with anyone, unless they had questions about sending in sticks for duplication/customizing, or, if there was a problem.

Danny was the front office of the operation, and the person responsible for shipping things out.
To my knowledge, production was being done, and orders completed ready for shipping. How, when, or if they went out in a timely manner is something I'm not aware of.

There was a machinery problem at one point, but the people affected by it were kept up to date on progress. I know that happened, because I got up dates through the site, and I didn't even have an order in at that time.

Danny won the "court battle", his wife is a lawyer, and they also had other lawyers involved.
Nick was on his own. Not a smart move IMO, but that's what he did.

From the beginning, there were things that were not right, and it all snowballed from there.
They both did things wrong to each other throughout the partnership.

In the end, Danny retained the CDX name, tag line, and equipment. Things that he actually didn't come into the partnership with.
He didn't create the operation, but, he had a better financial position to begin with, was smarter in the business end of the writing of the agreements between himself and Nick, and he had lawyers.
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