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Originally Posted by jbc6 View Post
I don't see how he made the top 15 list.

Someone asked John Lennon if Ringo was the best drummer in the world. Lennon said that he wasn't even the best drummer in the band! :)
Agreed. Ringo was a drummer with mediocre skills who became the most influential drummer ever because he was in the most popular band ever. So the most influential drummer ever has mediocre skills. Of course, just in my opinion, which happens to be shared by virtually everyone on the planet who does not post on this board. For drummers, though, it is heresy to believe Ringo is anything but an Earthy manifestation of God, whose adulation is mandatory. I disagree.

For proof of the general public's concept of Ringo, Google "the Ringo Starr of."

Having said that, Ringo is a great example of someone who has made incredibly meaningful contributions to music and culture of a half-century and is generally known as a good person and hasn't destroyed himself or others. So I respect him a lot for that. But I think a cabbage could play drums with more passion and flair. I appreciate that others will hold very different opinions and I respect their rights to hold them, even as they might ban me from the board for speaking mine.
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