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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I think many people miss the point. It's not that he's a big deal because he's god's gift to drumming, he's a big deal because he plays well enough in a band a lot of people like.

Sure, we all know Vinnie Colaiuta is more talented, but that takes nothing away from the millions who think Charlie Watts is a great drummer too. Or the hundreds of other drummer many of us admire who also don't play quite as well as Vinnie Colaiuta. I mean, were we all supposed to say "well, Buddy was best, no one else is worth listening to" ? Of course not.

I love Neil Peart. Not because I think he's the worlds great drummer, he just happens to be a great drummer in on my favorite bands.

Slipknot isn't my thing. I once got one of their albums to see what the big deal was about, and I determined had no interest in becoming a fan. But Joey is certainly talented enough. He also plays guitar, and co-writes much of their material, and well as playing guitar in a side band.

So I suspect many Joey fans are not just fans because they think he's a good drummer, or because he just happens to be in a band they like, but because he helps write the songs that have made it their favorite band.
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