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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I don't discriminate in music taste. Personally I don't think there really is bad music. No matter how terrible the song may be to people you know, somewhere out there, I'm sure at least 1 person likes it. As far as Justin Bieber, I hear a lot of bad rap on the kid - and yet he's got a new hit every other day it seems, and yet everyone hates him? Somebody has to be lying. His stuff wouldn't be played if nobody listened.

As far as Lady Gaga, I will shamelessly admit that I enjoy a lot of her music. I don't exactly have every album she's released, or wear her t-shirts, but the woman can sing, dance, and she's a looker, too. Nicki Minja is pretty much the embodiment of everything I dislike about music, but I can't really call it bad music because the millions of people who love her can't be deaf or complete morons... Or can they?
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