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Default Re: New KickPort bass drum port anyone tried one?

I like using my KickPort. I have it on my 20" kick drum. It was originally on my 22" kick. I certainly do notice the gain in low frequency outputs. Most people that don't like them are the guys that are recording. They claim that they notice a rattle sensation. Do they have it installed properly? I'm not sure.

I may head back in the direction of a none ported head. I just installed a new Emad batter on a kick drum that is indentical to mine. The only difference is that mine is ported. Both are muffled with a DW muffle pad. His sounded way more musical and clean. We both like a nice "thud" and no "boom". We both achieved it, but like I said, his sounds way more musical and clean. I think I'll be grabbing up on a none ported reso tomorrow.
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