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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Yeah, I know.

I haven't had any contact with Danny since he asked me to consider staying on as an endorser earlier in the year.
That was when he put the notice on the site that Nick was no longer involved.

He knew I was friends with Nick, and had dealt with him a long time, but he still reached out to me in a couple nice emails.
However, unless one of them got something going again, I had no decision to make because there was no company or product TO endorse.

TBH, if I had said "No thanks", I doubt anything would have been done with things on the site before all the court stuff had been settled anyway.
They had bigger things to deal with than a picture on a site for a company that wasn't even operating.

I was an endorser of Nick's drumsticks for couple years before the CDXLLC partnership happened in 2010.
Because of my particular situation/relationship, I just called, or emailed Nick directly when I needed sticks.
Any payment I needed to send (the previous .biz, or CDX) was always done through Paypal, so, I actually never had any dealings with Danny.
I can't have anything negative to say about "the front office" if I had never actually talked to him.

There are a few things in the whole "situation" that rubbed me wrong, but I won't discuss them out of professional respect for those involved. I wasn't there to know what went on between them, or any of their business agreements.

Being as the company hasn't been "in operation" since Nick left, I'm not surprised by people not getting product since that happened, but not getting orders BEFORE the split is pretty strange.
For a solution on refunds, emailing Danny is the way to go regarding them.
As of the final court date, Danny IS CDX llc, and all issues go to him to be resolved.
HOW they are resolved (or if) is in Danny's hands. I thought the site said he was going to take care of things for people.

I don't know how it's going to all go when CDX opens back up (soon, according to the site).
Might all just be the same for ordering, the wood supplier used, and doing custom designs. "Time will tell" I guess.

I'm still using the sticks I have.
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