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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I don't think he is a terrible drummer. And I have respect for anyone who gets paid to play. I think Joey has most of the stuff that's driving beginning drummers wild. He's got the fast double bass, the quick hands, the monstrous drum kit, lights, you get the idea. Slipknot has been winning awards, and gaining quite the mainstream success as well. Like I've always said, anybody who's inspiring a new generation of drummers is okay in my book.

I'm pretty much just seeking confirmation that I'm not alone when I notice he doesn't seem to be the legend in his time that most are making him out to be. As far as speeding up live, I fail to see it. Every video on Youtube of a live performance seems like it's dragged out. And I honestly don't see anything he does that's innovative. I mean, granted, he can do things I can't, but my style of drumming is totally different from his, so there's no real point in making a comparison.
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