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Default Re: Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

Like I said earlier - the problem with the sound coming out of the drum kit isn't related to the volume levels.
I am not experiencing any sound distortion due to volume peaks. What I am hearing is as if the sound of the drumkit was coming from inside a metal can. The bass-drum can barely be heard and everything sounds; with lack of better words; puny and weak.

It sounds as if I was playing the drum kit out of a cheap radio from the 60's. All the bass levels have been severely muffled and all the high-frequency notes such as snare and cymbals sounds "screechy".

I have already CuBase installed and it's an enormous mess understanding what it is and what it does - even though I have 2 versions of it! I was given CuBase SX3 when I bought a studio card years ago, it came bundled with the package. CuBase 5 was something that came with a guitar effect pedal I bought long time ago. Both of them are immensely difficult to understand. Doing something as trivial as creating a new MIDI track and assigning it to the drum kit was something that took me hours to figure out and even then I am unable to record the track, make it respond to the V-Drum or assign VSTs or drummap the thing.

CuBase in unfortunately counter-intuitive in its design which is by far its biggest flaw. They are no easy ways of doing anything in it. I am currently looking into another DAW that was recommended to me. The fact that one has to install 5 different DAWs to make this thing work is absolutely ridiculous.


What REALLY boggles my mind is the fact that they are no tutorials what so ever; or even remotely related to HOW to connect a V-Drum (or any electronic drum kit) to the computer. If you google for V-Drum to PC you will even find my thread I started yesterday about the issue! It's absolutely absurd that with all the vast knowledge of Internet, known for it's endless depths of knowledge and stupidity there is not a single guide what explains HOW to connect the V-Drum to the computer.

Sure, they are guides that explain the larger concepts, what MIDI is and so on but there is not a single step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what to do in order to make it work. There is not a single guide that explain how VSTs are installed mapped and used for an external drumkit, not a single guide that explains step-by-step how to configure MIDI tracks to a V-Drum.
And yes - I have tried the manuals and they tell absolutely jack squat. Even the manual for the VSTs are entirely useless sinc ethey tell absolutely nothing how to use the VST or map it to an instrument. It's absurd.

If I ever (big if) manage to somehow under miraculous circumstances figure out how to do this I will make a tutorial myself since there is not a single one in existance.

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