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Default Re: Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
You're running your headphone out to a usb or built-in microphone? Are you setting the input level in your recording program?
I am running a wire between the TD4 sound module and the microphone-in 3.5 mm plug.
What does "input level" mean?
If you mean that I've been trying to lower the volume - then yes, I have done that and it solves nothing. The problem isn't related to volume - the problem is related to the fact that the drums sound very odd as if it ran through a wah-wah effect pedal. It sounds as if there is no bass, only very high frequencies and there's this weird reverb to it as well.

I thought it had to do with the ambience setting in the TD4 sound module which I turned off but I still encounter the same problem.
Like I said - I tried 3 different computers with 3 different configurations and the sound quality is just crap.

On the stationary PC I record with Adobe Audition, with the 2 laptops I tried with Audacity.
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