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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I used to be able to play most of the 3rd album and one fancy-dress night I tried playing in a mask and a boiler suit - I nearly died LOL.

Imagine doing that every night, sometimes upside down, nothing but planes, coaches and fast food in between. Their european tour schedule was gruelling and I completely respect what he does. In fact I am amazed at how he continues to do it.

I have seen the band 3 times and every time the tunes were faster live too. He didn't miss a beat.

That said, I saw him play with Korn and the feel of the music was lost. He killed it for me. I didn't think he was great with Metallica either but hey, he works well for Slipknot. Arguably an entertainer too, as is most of the band, and they are damn good at that. Fair play to him I say.
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