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Default Re: Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I think he's the best Joey Jordison there is. What more can he do? What more should he have to do? Far from my favourite, but I've heard far worse than him.

Does he live up to all the hype? Probably not. But then again, is he responsible for the fan boys that put him on a pedestal in the first place? I've never heard him claim to be the greatest ever, so what does it really matter what the kids with no clue think?

Much like Barker, the poor bloke is forever in someones cross hairs.....for little more than playing his drums and getting paid for it. We should all be so lucky. No such thing as bad publicity, I guess.......I see no shortage of conversation for a guy who supposedly can't play.

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I wasn't sure where to post this.
FWIW, I reckon in the Joey Jordison thread in the drummers section.
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