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Default Thoughts on Joey Jordison

I wasn't sure where to post this. So I figured I'd post it here - I'm sorry if it offends anyone - but I've been watching a lot of live videos of Slipknot. I'd never really got into the band before (I'm not too big on modern metal), because their drummer Jordison is supposed to be a big deal.

After listening to several songs, and paying close attention to this little dude's playing, I've come to the conclusion that in studio, he is fast. But he's not incredibly gifted. The dude doesn't play anything terribly complex, and loves to litter songs with double bass fills to seemingly make-up for a lack of hand creativity,

Moving on to live videos, I've noticed that some songs played on the albums are really up-beat and speedy. Not even speedy on the scale of In Flames, or other notoriously quick Metal bands, who play songs at full speed. And yet, the band slows most of these songs down, and even then it sometimes seems like Jordison struggles to play at such speeds, and has difficulty keeping time for the band.

Can I get some thoughts on this?
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