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Default Re: Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

I just remembered using Ardour back in 2006 when I ran Ubuntu for a while as my main system. It was quite useful then but it wasn't anywhere near as feature-complete as the Logic system I had a few months later on my first Mac. I run Macs exclusively now but dabble with Windows 7.

Every few months, I get bored and throw a box together out of old parts I have and try out all the latest Linux distributions. I've never tried Arch but I've tried a good number, next time I think I'll be fiddling with Gentoo if I ever get up to my old tricks.

I just saw you post 'Ardour' and it flashed a switch in my mind about a very fond period when I first used Ubuntu on an old MESH 1.48GHz machine that I had passed down. Very good times.
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