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Default Re: Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

My 2-track/mastering computer is running Arch Linux with Audacity as the main recording tool. I put Ardour on there so I could familiarize myself with it and see what the freeware world has to offer versus Cubase or Pro Tools, etc...

The 16-track computer runs Windows 7 with the Cubase system that came with my Tascam. Thinking about moving up to Cubase 7 at some point, so at least one box will have to run Windows in some form.

The computer I'm typing on right now is a Windows XP box that I use mainly for internet stuff, and when XP finally crashes or catches a badass virus, I'll throw Arch on that one as well. With Openbox as a GUI it's a pretty good replacement for broken windows.
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