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Default Re: Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

Unfortunately, a capable DAW comes with a learning curve. I was using Cubase LE5 for a year or two before I got around to understanding the MIDI functions, and even then, I had to phone a friend to get the synths to take a signal from the MIDI interface. The only other DAWs I have experience with are Audacity and Ardour (which I'm just getting into, so I can't really say whether it's any good yet).

That said, I use the hell out of the Cubase MIDI functions now, and It's actually quite easy. I program my MIDI key editor to "play" my keyboard parts for me, and the synth's audio outs are pumped back into an audio track in Cubase for writing and recording. Real drumset parts are added last as the rest of the instrument parts are perfectly synced and quantized.

Here's what my signal path looks like:
DAW MIDI track(computer)------usb cable----->Tascam US-1641-----MIDI cable------>Synth-----1/4" audio cable---->US-1641----usb----->DAW audio track.

So far the only solution I know of is patience and perseverance with a DAW you already have some knowledge of.
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