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Default Looking for a DAW that isn't impossible to use

I have a Roland TD4 drumkit.

I am trying to figure out how to record it to the PC, I am using a MIDI-to-USB cable to connect it to the PC.

The programs I've used for a long time to record music at home is Audacity and Adobe Audition, unfortunately they do not support MIDI in any way shape or form.

The problem is that allt he other DAWs I've used are insanely difficult, impossible to understand and with a bazillion buttons and menus that make little to no sense.

Making the program understand that I want to do something as trivial as recording a MIDI-device with the TD4s own samples is as easy as understanding higher level quantum mechanics - and for someone like me who isn't a professional studio engineer all these DAWs I've used are entirely hopeless and impossible.

The ones I've tried installing the MIDI with are CuBase and Sonar, and neither of them I have been able to make find the correct setting so that the MIDI interface works.
I have spent hours looking at tutorials but none of them explain in any way shape or form in such a way that it is specific enough for my case. There is not a single step-by-step tutorial on the internet how to connect a Roland V-Drums to a PC and how to make the MIDI work with the DAW.

I am currently looking for a DAW that doesn't require a higher degree in sound engineering to use, one that doesn't have a bazillion buttons, one that is easy to learn, understand and use and mostly - one where finding such trivial options as setting up MIDI devices isn't impossible.

I've been using PCs for nearly 30 years - I am not computer illiterate but the way DAWs work - at least the 2 I've tried are impossible to understand and use.

Any suggestions to competent DAWs that make sense are appreciated.
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