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Default How do I connect V-Drums to computer by MIDI?

I have a Roland V-Drums TD 4-KX2

I want to connect it to the computer via MIDI but I have no idea how to do it.
I have not found a single page nor video not tutorial that explains how to do it.

What is MIDI?
How does it work?
What do I need?
How can I connect it to the computer?
What programs do I need?
Can I play the drums and record them to the computer?
Can I do this using the samples from the TD4? How?
What are VSTs? How do I use them? What do I need to make them work?
What are samples? How do I use them? What do I need to make samples work?

It baffles my mind that they are *NO* tutorials or pages that answers these questions what so ever.
Google V-Drums MIDI if you do not believe me - the only thing you will find are forum threads that are +3 years old that make little ot no sense

Please direct me to where these questions can be answered.
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