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Default Re: A visit from the law...

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
Please don't judge us all by one idiot representation of our gender and I'll do my best to do the same for you :).
Agreed. 95 percent of the people in prison are men - that says something right there.

In any case, Nickropolis, you unfortunately got someone for a roommate who is extremely immature, toxic and manipulative.

I am a landlord. How does a tenant get someone like this out of their home? If their name isn't on the lease, they aren't entitled to live there. Get a copy of the lease and keep it with you at all times, have the landlord change all the locks and don't let her in unless the police are there. You are renting that space so it is your home and you get to determine who lives there. Anyone else is committing trespass, if not burglary.

But since you're already left, you should make sure your name isn't on the lease any more. If it is, you are still responsibly for the rent. It sounds like this situation is headed for eviction. I pity the landlord - cats and irresponsible people are very hard on a place.
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