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Default Re: A visit from the law...

Thanks for the concern and comments, glad to know that someone still has a sense of sky and earth.

My gear and everything else was fine, I do have pictures on here as backup though.

I'm the appointed guy in the house that is supposed to be taking care of it and keeping order, making sure bills get paid and keeping in touch with the landlord. It was a pretty relaxed house with no actual lease because nobody every really effed around like this before.

After getting home and having the OTHER roommate/bandmate/friend turn on me too, I just decided to pack it up and say screw the lot of them, don't really care what happens to the property. There's some things in my room and two couches downstairs but I did a one evening move of all my valuables/drums/personal stuff.

I've come to discover that they all have a mental age of 4 and two faces...he, not one week ago, was complaining to me about how disgusting the offending party is and how he will be on my side when it comes time to kick her out. That turned into threatening me to 'not piss him off', insults and slamming doors in my face. He also blamed me for him not having a phone and cutting off his contact to the outside world through shutting off the internet.

Sad sacks of skin that have nothing better to do than try to drag everyone down into their world of pain and misery.

Its vengeful but I'm enjoying the fact that every pot, pan, tool and appliance that was there is mine and they don't have any money to pay bills or buy new ones. Or even buy oil for the furnace.
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