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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Our Drumerworld member Mad About Drums has created a nice picture with 2 lovely ladies I mentioned in his thread (Rachel Hurd-Wood and Caroline Munro)...

MAD's cartoons & CD covers...

Here's the pic ;-)

For those who don't know - Caroline Munro (depicted on the right) had a brief appearance in a James Bond movie (The Spy Who Loved Me) and 2 more prominent roles in The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad (classy costumes!) and in the trashy SciFi movie Star Crash (as Stella Star).
Rachel Hurd-Wood (depicted on the left) was starring in The Perfume (plus a few more movies, but check her out in The Perfume!!!). Both The Perfume and that Sinbad movie have excellent soundtracks BTW.

- - - -

As for the bells - I've been refocussing on other stuff recently but will finish grouping them into 'families' and finally record more samples and/or some demo videos.
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