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Default Re: A visit from the law...

I don't know the law in your neck of the woods but if your name is on the lease,then they go and you stay.

I guess you're sub letting to off set costs to broom hilda and her sidekick catwoman,at least that's what it sounds like.More over,the cat seems to be involved also.

Just get a big dog that hates cats,and let nature take it's course.:):):)

I'm kidding really,I like cats better than some humans I know.

You should take pics of all your stuff and not just your drums.Talk to the landlord because now the cat is damaging HIS property.I'm sure he'll have something to say about that.

You also may get stuck holding the bag for the cat damage.Look into moving out,and possible ways to break your lease,if it's in your name.

Sorry this happened.Have a beer or two.Cooler heads will prevail.:)

Steve B
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