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Default Re: Going out this new years partying? please watch this first

As a retired crime scene detective and uniformed NYPD officer,I for one have been to more that my fair share of car accidents where a drunk/impaired driver caused the crash.

Some were vehicle damage only,some with injuries and still others where the people involved died at the scene or in a hospital.

I've also had to make in person notifications in uniform to next of kin and tell them that this loved one isn't coming home.......ever again.

If you are arrested and convicted of DWI,Part of you're sentence should be mandatory service in energency room or accident scene clean up.You should also me made to do a ride along with special highway units,responding to accident scenes.

Lastly,you should be made to ride along with police officers doing death notifications,to see what devistation you could potentially cause to people you haven't even met.

The same goes for texting and driving,which caused it's brand of damage and death.

Just don't do it.Stop and think.Friends also don't let friends drive drunk.Texting while driving can get you or someone else killed.

Rant over.

Steve B
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