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Default Re: my review Super Kick 1 / Regulator combo

Originally Posted by Taye-Dyed View Post
I have been using the same combo on my 20"x18" BD for about three months now. I have the batter tuned JAW and the reso fairly tight with nothing inside the drum. This gives me a fat thud with some tone. I used to use coated PS3 which had a sweet fat tone but not a lot of punch, at least the way I had it tuned. Between the two, I prefer the Super Kick 1 / Regulator combo because of the mixture of thud/punch/tone I get.
Thank you for your comments. I was beginning to wonder if anybody had read this or if I spent 20 minutes on my iPhone doing this review for nothing, lol.

Powerstroke 3 is definitely punchy. I have never had one on my drums personally, but our church has a clear PS3 on their PDP MX and it is pretty snappy on an already woofy muted bass drum.

I may try tightening up the Regulator like you said. I have not tried it with a mic yet but we will see what the results yield. Traditionally I always tune the reso loose so my kick soaks up some resonance from my otherwise tightly-tuned punchy batter heads.

Still in love with the EQ3, haven't tried a head quite like it before - just wow, and it's been on two kits over the past 3 years (Yamaha and then transferred it to the Pearl when I got it to replace the stock Masters head), it is just now developing a 6" split that's spreading widely through the first ply but still sounded great up through when I changed it.

If I put my Vic Firth headphones on it sounds much better than when I have them off. It's the boom. I know that doesn't matter especially if you are playing live, but as long as I can get the kit to sound good mic'd and recorded, that's all I need. The kit is staying at home permanently and I'll be using my YD if I gig anywhere. The YD is still a decent kit despite being an intermediate set!

Verdict is that I'm still trying to get used to the Super Kick. Not a bad head by any means, but it's polar opposite of a bright head.
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