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Just ordered his CD after watching all of his vids here at Drummerworld.

My first thoughts on him when I saw the vids were: "Finally!! A young and upcoming Drummer that has got great chops but most importantly musical taste and a solid Jazz backround!" His sound and energy are great, so is his technique and coordination.... But it feels like it is not about that - it is all about the groove. Great. Insane.

And he is younger than me... that makes depressive. AND he is from Germany! People from my country just know how to drum! Yeeehaaaa!

I also hear a big influence of Steve Gadd in his playing who must be one of his big influences. Check out the videos of his Jazzplaying that are posted on his Website.

On his records he also played many instruments and sang all the voices.... WOW. I think I`ll do some transcriptions of his grooves if I find the time. I`ll also post a CD review. So far all the tracks I heard sounded great.

I`m sure he will be huge in the future.

What do you guys think about him?
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