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Default A visit from the law...

...And not for a noise complaint! Wish it was though. I don't usually make posts on internet forums griping about stuff but this...just freaking wow, I kinda need to get this off my chest.

I've had an ongoing issue of my roommate (and the person staying in her room) not paying bills, leaving the house a mess and generally making everything terrible. Today was the last straw, more cat mess everywhere, so I told the roommate to get the cat a new litter box and make it use the damn thing.

She professed that it wasn't her responsibility because she is letting her friend stay in her room and it's the friend's cat. More excuses to get out of any actual life responsibility. I'm not having people suck me dry, so I changed the password to the internet until they start acting like adults and told her so.

I guess this was HER breaking point because she then threatened me (yet again, the last time she threatened to smash my drum kit because an old roommate lied to her and said that I was beating her cat and throwing it against walls...) with going to the landlord and getting me kicked out.

I yelled at her pretty loudly and expressed my displeasure with her threats...then she ran into her room, started crying, locked the door and called 911.

Well, I pretty much just sat on my stairs inside by the front door and waited to see who the lucky officers were that get to come out and deal with this ridiculous...ridiculousness.

I let the guys in and said something to the effect of "Evening officers...I'm the guy my roommate called about". Got the usual question of knives/guns/needles on me and patted down and then explained to the younger of the two how things went while the other officer went upstairs to talk to my roommate.

There were a few details that I had to set straight such as me not being her boyfriend (not sure where they got that...) and me not smashing her bedroom door (the door doesn't have a scratch on it...), but usual practice is to separate the two parties for a, Happy New Year to me, I got kicked out of my own house.

Honestly, I'm worried about my drum kit right now. She threatened to destroy my Sonor kit once already and I just bought a 1978 Rogers...I guess if that happens the police will be at my door again, for destruction of property.

So yeah...I'm gonna talk to the landlord tomorrow. Woe is me.
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