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Default Re: Poll: What is your genre and bass drum size?

Originally Posted by NerfLad View Post
Well a one-word or one-genre classification never tells the full story. My band has guitars and backbeats, but I don't just consider it "rock", and though that was what I went with for myself, I'm not a true rock drummer. We play a lot of 60's soul and funk, Bill Withers, The Meters, Curtis Mayfield -- alongside southern rock and jam band music like the Allman Brothers, Government Mule, Grateful Dead -- alongside funk/fusion like Jaco Pastorius or Erykah Badu -- alongside classic Blues like BB King and Robert Johnson.

In other words, working musicians can never fully squeeze themselves into one pigeonhole, and they shouldn't have to. I understand that in this instance it's necessary for statistical purposes but I like the idea of just taking the genre portion out of it all together. Buddy Rich or Daniel Glass would skew the jazz results to the big end if they had participated! In my opinion there is credence to "the band determines the bass drum", but I think you really can do anything with a 20". I really ought to order that 20 x 14 Saturn I've been holding off on...

I agree with all this^^^^.
And would add that IMO, most of the sub-categories that were originally listed fall under the large umbrella of 'rock'.
And yes, NerfLad, getting that 20 x 14 Saturn bass sounds like a good idea.
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