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Of course TheDuke, this all your opinion. With every drummer that has ever been, theres going to be a guy that comes out that is faster, and can imitate them. But what it comes down to is originality. Every solo that has ever been played can be stripped down and imitated, but its the person who created it that needs the credit. A guy whos been playing for a couple of months might be able to play the groove from When the Levee breaks, but it was Bonham who heard the rest of the song and layed it down originally. i know that Bonham didnt have the greatest chops of all time, there may be a few cats that can play Pat's Delight, but its Bonham that created the masterpiece. You say that Elvin Jones cannot be imitated stylistically, how so? i've heard many people lay down a groove that imitates Elvin. You also say that those who have gotten close to Elvin's playing still cant get it exactly. I've yet to hear anyone get Bonhams groove exactly, unless they added effects in the studio. And if anyone does get it exactly, as with any other drummer, it is because they have studied and transcribed their playing, not because they have come up with it themselves. If you studied any drummer for long enough and transcribed their songs note for note, than you can imitate them exactly, even Rich, Jones.
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