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Default Re: Oh dear, what happened to Simon Phillips / TOTO ???

Lol, I'm reminded of that phrase I taught to Stu (I think) recently:

TOTO are big in Europe. No escaping it.

Most of my pleasure in watching and listening to old TOTO is derived from Jeff's and Luke's playing. Some of the songs are cool, but really, nothing I'm ever going to play to my mates and say "Isn't this just an amazing song?". TOTO have been a cheesy dad-rock band for a long long time, but now one can't even enjoy them under the cover of knowing irony. I agree with Smoggrocks: they are irrelevant today. Personally, I wish they'd disbanded after Jeff died. Jeff was too intergral to the band, no one could have followed him, and certainly not Simon blooming Phillips.
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