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Default Re: Help for first kit.

If you can afford it, I'd get a new kit instead of used. It's just my personal opinion, but I like having the warranty and the knowledge that no one else mistreated it in the past.

I bought the Roland TD-11kv drumset recently and I love it. The reason I chose it over the Yamaha is because the sound module is so much more intuitive. I liked how easy and user friendly it is. There is almost no reason to read the manual because it literally is common sense (not saying you shouldn't read the manual). For example, if you want to record, just hit the quick record button. You're also right in that it connects to the PC easily with a USB cable or a flash drive. I've connected it to my PC and used the program Finale Songwriter. Finale was a bit of a headache to set up but after I figured it out it works nicely. The presets sound good but I quickly made my own drumset and it sounds amazing. You can tweak a lot of the settings .. down to how much snare buzz you want to hear when you hit another tom. I also liked the cross stick feature. That's something you will turn on with the press of a button when you first get it, but it's nice to be able to play it like a real drumset. Also, I think it's worth mentioning that the double bass trigger is the smoothest, most natural feeling electronic bass drum pad I've ever played. I play a lot of doubles and it's almost effortless with this setup. One draw back is that it tends to walk away from you no matter how you set the spikes. I have my set facing a wall and I just put a wood block on the floor to keep it from moving. Works perfectly.

I've played quite a few other electronic drumsets and was never extremely impressed until this set. For my price range, it's perfect and sounds amazing. It even feels nice to play. Here's a link to the video demo that sold me.

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