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Default Help for first kit.

Hello all,

Wonderful forum here. Been reading quite a bit about your experiences.

Let me give you a preamble about myself before the nitty gritty:

As a kid I learned piano cause all my friends were playing that. I never really gave it a thought when choosing which instrument to play. I played a little jazz as that's what my dad listened to. I stopped playing piano after 5 years cause it just wasn't popular. It wasn't often in the music I listend to.

So all forms of music playing stopped through my many university years. I of course continued to enjoy listening to music.

Finally my professional life has stabilised and I now have some time for music. Talking with my friend who recently picked up his guitar again, I realised that I too felt like returning to playing some form of music. He tried to teach me the guitar but my fingers were all wrong and unaccustomed to the various movements. So I tried drums. I picked up some sticks and a practice pad and I tried it out. I took a few lessons and it really piqued my interest. I then bought some instructional DVDs and I think that this hobby could be really fun for me. I'll still be taking lessons in the new year, but the DVD's will continue to be my alternate teacher when I have less time. I've gotten to the point where my practice pad is no longer sufficient for my ramblings. I now have the pad set up on a stand, a hi hat and a practice bass drum. But in the DVD, the guy now uses the toms and such; and thus my need for a kit.

I listen to different styles of music but I definitely enjoy rock, swedish death metal in addition to old school rock and roll. I like jazz, blues and classical. Pop music is more in the waste bin for me. But there are exceptions. Some bands that I like : Red Hot Chili Peppers, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, The Smashing Pumpkins.

So now I've been exploring my local kijiji and craigslist for some electronic kits. I initially wanted an acoustic set, but living in a condo for the time being, that might not be the best of ideas. Also, I'm a bit of a night owl, so being able to play at midnight is a definite bonus. After speaking with a vendor, he recommended Roland or Yamaha, though he seemed to prefer Yamaha.

After looking over your posts and conferring with the classifieds and the stores, these seem to be my options:
Roland TD-11KV
Roland TD-4KX2S
Roland TD-9 (maybe...)
Yamaha DTX 540
Yamaha DTX 700.

Now I haven't actually banged away on these kits in the store and that is obviously the next step. But having looked at the specs, these are my findings:

I'd like all mesh if possible though it's not a deal breaker for the rubber pads.
A hi hat on a stand would be fun to give it a better feel. The module obviously has to sound good and be able to teach me the proper time. Roland seems to have some software that would be good in that resepect.
Roland's modules also seem to have better connectivity to a PC than the Yamaha modules.
Also the TD-11KV has double bass drum possiblities vs the Yamaha which relies on usurping the hihat.
Is the TD-11 module that much more superior to the TD-4 or the Yamaha modules?

Here in Canada, I'm looking at 1900 dollars fot the TD-11KV new, about 1500$ fot the TD-4KX2S, 1200$ for a used TD-4K, 2500$ for a Yamaha DTX700 new or 2000$ for a used one possibly. I can't find the DTX540 at the moment.

I'd like to know your opinions on these sets as they would relate to a beginner but a beginner who is very interested in playing on a long term basis. Also know, that I'll probably get an acoustic set at some point, though probably in 10 years time.

How do I know if I'm getting a good used deal? At 70% retail price? Is there anything specific I should look at when looking at used e-kits?

Any thoughts, ideas, commentary or links would be very appreciated.
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