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Default Re: Poll: What is your genre and bass drum size?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Jazz ... if someone says they play both rock and jazz I assume that to mean "mostly rock with some jazz or jazzy pop". In my experience serious jazz players (who play full jazz gigs and are accepted as "cats" in jazz circles) generally consider jazz a full time effort and, if they play any rock to make ends meet, they wouldn't mention it in this context.

If you are an exception to this assumption and I've wrongfully lumped you into the rock bag, by all means be a squeaky wheel!
I'm sort of somewhere between genres at the moment. Started off as a hard hitting, matched grippin' rock drummer then with the help of much practice, lessons and changing musical tastes I became an old-timey,groove swingin', trad grippin', snare tilting drummer.

I don't really play jazz gigs yet because my jazz chops are in no way up to the level of hanging with the real jazz cats...yet. I concede to the category of Rock drummer for now, a swingin rock drummer though.

Ok, I've squeaked my piece.
Classy grip all day.
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