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Default Re: Poll: What is your genre and bass drum size?

22 was it, wildbill? ;-)

+1 your Bell Curve comment. Below, the first chart includes all genres and the distortion is caused by most jazzers' replying having 18" BDs. When filtered to just include rock, then we have a cleaner curve.

I actually enjoyed my job before retirement - I just disliked getting up to an alarm, commuting, meetings and politicised decision making!

Just to make sure everyone is happy with their representation:

Midnite Zephyr rock 22
IDDrummer rock 24
Gvdadrummasum jazz 20
JayJohnson777 rock 26
Red Menace rock 24
MisterZero rock 22
nirvanadrummer rock 24
leoyucht jazz 18
Anon La Ply lounge 16
Dirtysticks rock 22
AlParrot rock 20
Bonzobilly rock 24
Lunar Satellite Brian metal 22
Caddwumpus world 20
Taye Dyed rock 20
Silverfox experimental 22
Greaser rock 22
Drum-El rock 24
Pocket-full-of-gold rock 22
Evolving Machine jazz 18
Swexx rock 22
keep it simple rock 20
Deathmetalconga lounge 18
sonnygrabber blues 22
xsarith metal 22
swiNg rock 24
gaz farrimond rock 22
dmacc jazz 18
dino68 rock 24
wsabol rock 22
aaajn blues 18
Naigeron rock 24
Scopata rock 22
jamjohn rock 22
MaryO rock 20
KarlCrafton rock 26
Bull metal 26
Gruntersdad rock 22
OrangeAgent27 rock 18
Drumolator rock 18
tamadrm rock 22
Toolate rock 26
Boomstand rock 28
Aeolian blues 18
opentune rock 20
lsits rock 22
HarryConway rock 26
MikeM rock 24
mmulcahy1 rock 22
drumdruid rock 24
Mad About Drums rock 22
slowrocker rock 22
Vegas Island rock 26
NerfLad rock 22
Groove1 jazz 18
Beam Me Up Scotty metal 22
8Mile jazz 18
PQleyR metal 26
Numberless jazz 16
Bad Tempered Clavier rock 22
Trip McNealy rock 22
oldrockdrummer rock 22
RevWrona jazz 18
autonomos rock 22
BacteriumFendYolk rock 20
wildbill rock 20

BTW, where are the funksters? ... the Garibaldi and Chambers disciples? What about the fusioneers?

Jazz ... if someone says they play both rock and jazz I assume that to mean "mostly rock with some jazz or jazzy pop". In my experience serious jazz players (who play full jazz gigs and are accepted as "cats" in jazz circles) generally consider jazz a full time effort and, if they play any rock to make ends meet, they wouldn't mention it in this context.

If you are an exception to this assumption and I've wrongfully lumped you into the rock bag, by all means be a squeaky wheel!
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