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Default Re: What Heads For Yamaha Musashi 12x6 Snare?

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
I play 'Vintage A' heads on my 14" Guru Oak snare. Before I had the Guru, I played a 13" Musashi that I also used a 'Vintage A' head on. They're great heads. Two-ply with a very thin secondary ply. Great sensitivity, good tuning range and just dry enough to take the edge off yet open enough to let it cut and ring a little.

I recommend them very highly. I played straightforward Ambassadors for years but I've been converted. Hopefully I can find another one when it comes to changing the snare head.
Yes, I am very intrigued by them now that guys have made me aware of what they are. As I said earlier, it sounds like a head I would like on my "full size" snares, too. By the way, my other snares are a maple 14x5 Taye, and a 14x6.5 Pearl Ian Paice Signature.
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