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Default Re: What Heads For Yamaha Musashi 12x6 Snare?

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
Glad you liked the video. If you are considering the Vintage E, let me recommend you the Vintage A. it is still a 2-ply head, 10 mil and 3 mil, but is much more open and sweet.
I always assumed Vintage A was a variation of Ambassador and therefore single ply. Sounds like something I would want to try on my 14" snares as well as on the Musashi.

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
One more you might want to try is the coated G Plus. Love those heads.
I'm not familiar with it. I will go on Evans site and look it up. Thanks.

Now I have several good suggestions to try. I will try to pare it down to 2 to buy and experiment with. My first inclination was to get the darkest/driest head I could find to compensate for how bright and ringy the snare is. But I think any quality head with a sweet tone should be fine. I can deal with the excess overtones via moongel or a studio ring.
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