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Default Re: What Heads For Yamaha Musashi 12x6 Snare?

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
I have a video on youtube of 7 different heads on my 13" musahi, it is titled something like snare head shootout, search for that. user is zerosoma33.

anyways the short answer is that the musashi takes diff heads ver well its all up to ur preference. I prefer the Remo Vintage A or Evans R C Power Dot
I have just watched your video. Good stuff. It shows that different options can work on a Musashi. I like my drums wide open but in this case a piece of moongel or a studio ring might come in handy. I probably would not use anything live, but for practice, a bit of dampening will be good.

Harry, based on you and Al's input I will give Genera Dry a try. I plan to get 2 or 3 heads to make sure I find the right one for me. So far I have Genera Dry, Vintage Emperor and Evans R C Power Dot on my list.

I appreciate everyone's input. I am excited about experimenting with this snare to dial it in to my taste!!!
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