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Default my review Super Kick 1 / Regulator combo

I got the SK1/Reg combo from my wife for Christmas and spent some time putting them on while watching a Rambo movie. I have used the Regulator before and prefer it as a reso head but this was the first time I have tried a Super Kick of any kind. It was a Relaxing time and allowed for me to clean the drum and inspect it, etc. Also put a new DW beater on my Yamaha kick pedal. All in all after messing with a TuneBot and putting it back in the box to tune by ear, the tuning process from head locked on hoop to desired sound was about 1 hour. The kick pad came with the set which was a nice touch. I applied it after taking the back paper off. What was strange was the white ring on the sk1 looked like foam rather than smooth muffling material.

I tuned the regulator loose to get a good low, resonant "woof" when tapped. Initial reaction before tuning the SK1 was "wow, this is a low pitched dead head". I tuned the SK up tight like my Evans Eq3 was - it wasnt happening. So i tuned a little at a time, gradually lowering the pitch to resonate deep with the Regulator. The lower I tuned it the more responsive it became. As I said it took an hour to get to my desired pitch from wrinkle. What I ended up with was a low whump with a tiny bit of initial attack remaining after the beater struck. At impact the beater sound is pronounced but quickly gets buried by the corresponding whump of resonance.

Overall next time I may choose to stick with Evans as I am a fan of bright, punchy, open kicks without any muffling in my kick. I had heard so much about the SK1 and I think it has a lot of guts but needs to have time spent tuning it so it doesn sound like a wet fish or a cardboard box. It is growing on me, though. By the end of the year I may be raving about it; as thats how I can be. Time will tell but final note here is that you should buy it if you are looking for low whump. Not for punch.
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