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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Re: Europe ... what I said was "Claiming that more people will abuse pot is not supported by decriminalisation measures in Europe". I didn't say the US should be more like Europe - that was just Martin using my post to go riding one of his hobby horses.

If there were problems with regulation in Europe then prohibitionists would be citing stats from there. True, Europe is not the US or Oz, but who is? Yet countries take policy leads from others all the time. Govts are always looking at the way laws n other countries play out. We're all still human.

It's just commonsense. What we do to our bodies is a personal health and taste issue and everyone has their own standards. I have no intention of adopting someone else's health and taste standards because they think I should be more like them. Maybe they should be more like me?

Yes Martin, I support regulation of all banned things. Prohibition is a proven failure (and it wouldn't work with guns either, but regulation works). Regulation brings everything out into the open and makes it difficult for organised criminals. Increased regulation of gambling would be a good idea too. Prohibition doesn't work unless you're willing to go all the way like a dictatorship. Automatic death penalty.

Going at it half-assed means the worst of all worlds - the massive costs, the crime and increased drug abuse (due to attraction of the forbidden).


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