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Default Re: Is it crazy for a beginner to get the DTX700?

well, i'll sat ive never owned a drum set in my life and i just bought a brand new td30kv. i didn't have to pay the advertised retail of 7,500, as a matter of fact i got it for a few thousand dollars cheaper (please do research before paying over 6k for this kit). The point being that a cool instrument is a cool instrument. Being well versed in other instruments, i've learned to love and appreciate all badass instruments regardless of your skill level. If you are serious about putting in the time to learn a new instrument, get the best damn one you can afford! Why not? I played the roland td30k and the td30kv side by side, and even tho i couldve gotten a lesser model, i chose the one that felt the best to me. not because its the most expensive kit there is, but because it felt the best. It arrives wednesday and i've never been as excited about music in years. I don't know much about the dtx700, but i gather you are questioning purchasing it because of you skill level. youre thinking you should get the lesser model since youre not that good and maybe your skills wouldn't justify the purchase. I strongly believe it will as you'll grow into it, and youll definatgely have a better playing experience which will in turn make you better becaue you'll be putting in more hours. I honestly can only share my recent purchase story since its the same dilema as yours, but i don't know jack shit about the drums .But im confident as hell that i'm gonna love my new kit. I'd say go for it dude
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