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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

The idea of seeking transcendence through meditation and art is a noble ideal. But not everyone is ready to seek self actualisation - half the time we're flat out dealing with money, work, relationships, philias, phobias and whatever bats are in our belfry at the time.

So, Matrin, it seems you are saying that untogether people should be denied transcendent experiences until they've sorted out their problems and become capable of achieving inner peace and Zen states through the "natural" means of discipline and control? Yes?

However, if they never manage to get their heads together then it's a matter of "oh well, they missed out on peak experiences in this life" - too bad. There's always McDonald's and Warner Bros for the hoi polloi.

Peak experiences are often turning points in our lives, through insights that allow us to open up psychological blockages. Western society is a little squeamish about peak experiences - I guess too many snake oil salesmen will do that. While science is only touching on inter-dimensional realities, they appear to be accessible via the non rational part of our mind (the bit that creates great music).

Thing is, you can tell people that there is power around us we can tap into if we open up and let ourselves, but until you've experienced it, it sounds like fantasy. I've had a couple of peak experiences in the past decade that have blown my conception of reality to smithereens. The first was in a very drug free period for me during a lunch break, the second was at around 3am in bed after an "insomnia cure" scoob.

The second one was easily the most powerful. I Googled the sensations and found that what I experienced was far from rare, often triggered by meditation rather than drugs. Yet I, a non meditator, got a glimpse.

Of course, drugs can also be the straw that breaks the camel's back. That's why the taboos are so harmful - people are always going to use drugs and the more they understand how they work and the difference between use and abuse, the less problems we'll have (and the more benefits from their use as "mental medicine"). As Watso said, some users have managed to work out how to use rather than abuse, despite the relative information blackout. (Thankful for the web).

Yet so often we are discouraged from talking about it, as though it will corrupt young 'uns, which is lazy, patronising and ineffective. I was kept in the dark by all the adults around me when I was young and look how I turned out :)

The sooner adults are treated like adults, the sooner they will start behaving like adults.


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