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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

Many years ago I tried a pair of Regal nylon-tip sticks, and I absolutely loved them, they were like the Rolls-Royce of sticks for me.
However, they were expensive, and so I carried on with cheaper stuff, until some time ago when I figured, I'm fed up of sticks breaking and wearing out quick, I'll try those Regals again. Well, I also tried others like Vick Firth and Vater, and they're good sticks, but I stuck with the Regal! They were just like I remembered, they just feel right, and I drop them a lot less than other sticks!
I tried the Jazz, (like a 7a), and the Rock, but the one was too light, the other a little tiring to the hands. Finally, I found the "JC" model on their website, which is just right!! (no. I'm not Goldilocks.) Only trouble is, the shops don't stock them so I have to order a bunch.
I pretty much use them for most things (except when you need beaters or hot rods etc), altho I do have a pair of Aquarian black sticks for the odd "heavy" song, but they're hard on the hands!!
- Terry
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