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Hi hats,
14" 60's new beat large stamp, heavy bottom, light top, Zildjian.
14" 70's new beat small stamp, heavy bottom, light top, Zildian
10" 40's Zilco, the two are almost the same weight, they have a smaller hole and I can only use certain clutches. These are the only non-Zildjians I have in my collection. As strange as it may seem, when I was playing very low volumes, the other hi-hats were loud, I could control the volume to the bass drum and the snares and cymbals, but I had a problem with keeping down the volume of the hats with my foot. Ginger Baker calls his 8" cymbals a joke effect, I feel these small hats have a little of that effect too.

18" 1960's Zildjian, Wow this sounds good, I put it next to my ride and flick my right hand over to it for accenting, while riding. It really takes the energy and uses it very efficiently.
18" 2009 Zildjian K, This cymbal is thin and light and very reactive.
16" 1970's Zildjian, I like having this higher pitch crash to accent with, and it cuts through the music easily.
16" 1950's Zildjian, this has a little lower tone then the 70's crash.

24" 1970's Zildjian This is a fun ride, I can crash it and ride it, it has a nice sound when you only want to have one cymbal at the gig.
22" 1960's Zildjian This is a great sounding ride, great for all kinds of sounds. It is however a bit loud.
18" 1960's Zildjian, This is a good ride for lower volumes, with my 10" hats.
20" 2009 Zildjian K, I would like to take off the coating on this cymbal, I think the coating is keeping the cymbal from reaching its full potential.

I do not use all these cymbals at the same time. Because I live in two different cities, I need to cymbals and drums whereever I am.
I am not here just to keep the beat; I add color, timbre, and presence.

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