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I've had many pies come and go through the years, but the ones I have now I don't think I'll part with easily.
  • Meinl Dark Hats 14" - Bought on a whim, thought I'd try a "dark" sound and haven't looked back. Sounded funky to me at first but now fit in with almost everything I do.
  • Meinl Byzance Thin Crash 15" - My first ever cymbal purchase. It was the best day of my cymbal life when I got this because it has never left my collection and it's one of those pies you know has a special quality to it, and probably another one won't sound the same. You hear audible colors in your head when it's hit. It opens up like a sea of glass, it's like a shimmering wash of beauty.
  • Meinl Byzance Thin Crash 16" - Realized I really loved the thin crashes when the other heavier Byzance pies I had gotten weren't cutting it. I went through tons of cymbals before I finally realized I just needed to find a mate for my 15". I even found one with the old logo to match... it was one of those special scores. Sounds similar to the 15 but not as washy and more "contemporary". A beautiful crash. Meinl Byzance for life!
  • Meinl Dark Splash 8" - Thought I'd buy it since nobody was bidding on it (small spider crack in hole) and snagged it for $35. A very unique splash that just makes you go YEAH!! every time you use it for an accent. Lots of 'tude.
  • Sabian AA Splash 8" - A good splash with a beautiful authorative crash. Bought it for $20 at a music store because it had "spider cracks" in
    the hole. They haven't spread and I couldn't be happier! Other AA 8" have not sounded the same to me.
  • Sabian AA Metal-X Ride 21" - My first ride and still my main one. Picked it by ear in the store and has a classy warm ping on the bow, and a cutting bright rock/metal bell. It was perfect and can be used for almost any genre.
  • Zildjian K Session Crash 16" - A cracked cymbal I bought for $50 and I use it as a trash. It sounds good it just has a 2 second decay time. Good for quiet coffee house gigs.
  • Zildjian K Crash Ride 20" - Got it on the cheap but am growing weary of it. I am planning on selling it for a Byzance Dark Ride. Anyone interested? :-)
  • Meinl MB20 Rock China 18" - Another cracked cymbal score that sounds fantastic. Chinas have too much resonance and it's not a good resonance. So when the china is cracked it is not quite as 'in your face'. So cracked chinas are cheap, and so was this one, and it's a top shelf cymbal. Perfect for me, don't even want another china!
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