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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
You didn't think about this for very long before you wrote it, or just didn't convey what you meant. Research and exploration show that our ancestors used various intoxicants and poisons to alter their minds and expand creative thought going back much farther than was ever recorded intentionally. Intoxication is a part of our history, and what we are today. Every single thing we do, experience and think changes the structure of our brains and therefor our thought patterns and neural pathways.

I can completely agree. Attempting to argue that intoxication has no creative value, however, seems to be coming from a somewhat mis-informed viewpoint.

When we enforce our laws in ways that can literally destroy everything a person has worked for, the laws we choose to enforce should not pertain to preventing personal harm to self... Back more specifically to the issue of cannabis; considering that the laws do not prevent cannabis use or production(and fail to do so at huge taxpayer cost), it is more than clear to me that the illegality of cannabis causes more total harm than the substance itself.
Agreed, intoxication is part of what people do and changes what they do. Sometimes, intoxication may produce insights that wouldn't occur otherwise, as can be done with exercise, meditation or other intense experiences. But that change is neutral - seeing an intricate florentine pattern in a carpet on LSD, for example, might inspire someone to draw or play total garbage as much as great music.

Drugs aren't a substitute for practice, study or experience. For every useful insight they produce, they produce poor judgment. And I'm not even getting into the whole aspect of risks to life and safety or showing up on time - people who aren't stoned tend to have better work habits.

I support cannabis being illegal, a minority view on this board but a very mainstream view everywhere else. The more drugs we make legal, the more people will use them.
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