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One of my most memorable gigs was a night at the Starwood in Hollywood, Ca. We played there on a pretty regular basis during the mid to late seventies. On this night we were opening for blues legend John Mayal. We really weren't into blues very heavily, but we looked forward to his performance. Nothing like being back stage.

The first surprise was an appearance by Joe Cocker. He sat in with Mayal and sang a couple of songs. Pretty cool. Later I was hanging out in the upstairs area behind the stage and one of the roadies asked if one of Mayal's friends could jam on a couple of my drums. I said sure. I had to two mounted toms on a floor stand and the drummer took them onto the stage and put some nice dents in the heads. I missed his performance.

As the night went on one of the roadies told me the drummer that jammed on my drums was looking for me and wanted to thank me. We rounded the corner from opposite directions and nearly banged heads. He asked if those were my drums and I said yep. He said thanks, I'm Keith Moon. We shock hands and he handed me a hundred dollar bill and said buy some new heads.

I did.
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