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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

Over the years I've played with many different type of sticks made of oak, hickory and maple.

I went through many brands too, Pro-Mark, Vic Firth, Regal Tip, Vater, Zildjian, Tama...

The sticks I've used for a considerable length of time are:

Pro-Mark 707 (oak)
Pro-Mark 3A (oak)
Tama 5B (oak)
Zildjian 3A (hickory)
Vater Fusion (maple)
Vic Firth Peter Erskine Signature (small round tip) (hickory)
Vic Firth 5A (hickory)
Vic Firth SD1 General (maple), a great practice stick.
Vic Firth SD2 Bolero (maple)
Vic Firth SD9 Driver (maple)

Currently using the SD2 and SD9 depending on the style

I would like to try the Vic Firth SD5 Echo (maple)
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