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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

Originally Posted by JayJohnson777 View Post
Also i have never understood why drummers switch sticks all through gigs. I am not knocking that if you do that but to me sticking with one stick allows your body and mind to fine tune itself and make the little adjustments subconciously while playing if you stick to one stick long enough.
I tend to stick with one type of stick for a gig (apart from brushes and mallets) but I can understand players using a different feel and sound for different songs, though if everything's going through a PA I can't imagine any difference being noticeable to anyone but the drummer and bass.

Originally Posted by Gvdadrummasum View Post
played many sticks over the years .......many

this is the best stick I have ever picked up and I will use them for as long as they are in production
I have the Erskine Zildjian sticks with the tiny round bead (as opposed to the Ride Stick's larger acorn bead) and I don't find them comfortable or nice on the rebound. Have you tried both, Ant? Comparison?

I like very light sticks and recently fell in love with the Firth American Jazz AJ2 sticks, which is heavier than anything I've used for years but is so well balanced that playing quietly is easy. They are as thick as a 5A in the hands which is very comfortable, but the pronounced taper and small bead makes them far lighter and more articulate than 5As.

For an extra light stick I very much like the Zildjian Billy Stewart sticks.

None of these would survive a rock gig with everything cranked to 11.


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