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Default Re: Your stick preferences and why.

Also i have never understood why drummers switch sticks all through gigs. I am not knocking that if you do that but to me sticking with one stick allows your body and mind to fine tune itself and make the little adjustments subconciously while playing if you stick to one stick long enough. Granted that it is the right stick for you. I am open to having my mind changed. At one point I played with a hard rock band and went to marching sticks. Destroyed my cymbals and heads etc. I was younger and dumber :)

Another thing is my sticks are super slim near the tips because they are long tapered. I have been playing with the same sticks for 4 months and they are fine. I play soft and hard when the music calls for it. here is an example,itsnot long never had one break on me. Maybe its the way I play who knows

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