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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
But if we can talk about this stuff in a civilised and genial manner (as opposed to arguing) then that says something good about drummers.
Unfortunately, I think he may be partly right in that it's really hard for most people to speak on these subjects without getting emotional in some manner. Even so, I consider a lot of you my friends, and I'd hate to not have the ability to discuss sensitive matters with people who's opinion I may actually value.

True rule offenses should be dealt with the same regardless of the thread context. Intentionally abusive name calling, for example, should be met with admin action in this thread, or any other.

Bear in mind that the arts and intoxicants have been close bedfellows forever. There is a reason for that ...
Beyond the obvious answer that a "head change" makes you think and create in new ways, I have also been thinking that a lot of musicians/artists are by nature "outcasts" from the white-collar rest of the upper class world that values monetary production over creativity and outlet.

I've also noticed that outcasts tend to think on their own more where societal rules are concerned. Myself included. I fully support laws that protect against willful harm to others. At the same time, I have never respected any law which is basically a rule against potentially harming myself, or anything resembling thought/speech-crime. I truly value my personal freedoms, and I think we need to be more honest about the way we use government to try and enforce one set of values, instead of using government to protect the freedom to have your own values as it should be.
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