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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
It's no more hypocritical than simultaneously supporting legalizing all drugs but banning alcohol!

We don't necessarily know if anyone involved in any particular auto accident was under the influence of cannabis (or even alcohol), so I personally will wait, and you may wish to choose that option too. Would you be open to the possibility that, if no intoxicants were involved in a particular crash, then we should take that as a validation of anti-cannabis laws? "The accident could have been much worse if anyone had been under the influence of cannabis, but thankfully it's illegal so it wasn't a factor." Everything cuts in several directions.

We don't have to ban everything because we ban some things. I think having alcohol legal presents enough challenges to society as-is and I'd oppose any efforts to make anything else legal.
You might be confusing me with someone who wants to ban alcohol. I'm not. I'm trying to point out your glaring inconsistency in your opinion here. I'm in favor of almost no consensual crime or victim-less crime laws. I think some regulation is generally in order. In fact I advocate even stiffer penalties for intoxicated driving than currently exist.

I do not need the government to protect me from myself. It's not their job. They have a lot of more valid jobs that they are doing terrible at.
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