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Default Re: Pushing the envelope of this forum, non drum related

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Don't like something? Ban it. Nanny will protect us.

Do the lessons on history matter at all? Al Capone? Prohibition? Are we human beings with functioning long term memories and the capacity to think abstractly or are we just big, pale chimps who respond to the moment without considering the weight of history?

It's mindlessly stupid to spend millions of dollars achieving nothing - apart from lining the pockets of Mr Bigs and criminalising of otherwise law-abiding people (occasionally ruining their lives and preventing their future productivity).

Regulation rather than prohibition makes sense for soft drugs (and hard drugs like alcohol, which are too loved by ruling classes for legal changes). Prohibition is a destructive and expensive activity, which should be reserved to lethal drugs where the cost of inaction would be greater than the costs of banning.

The war on drugs has been an absolute, utter abject failure and people are still determined to make the main mistakes. Evolution certainly is a slow process.
There's actually a bit more to this history of drug laws, at least in the US. Prior to the first US laws to ban drugs in 1906, large sections of the population were addicted to morphine, opium, cocaine and other drugs. These drugs were easily available to anyone and were frequently in so-called medicines and even soft drinks - you are probably aware Coca-Cola got its name from the cocaine it used to have in it. Sigmund Freud (a European) was obviously high out of his gourd from injecting cocaine when he came up with many of his theories of the mind.

History has told us that banning and criminalizing many drugs is good public policy, so I have to question the validity of the statement that "the war on drugs has been an absolute, utter, abject failure."
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